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Property in Borovets

Borovets PropertiesThe reason to choose Borovets properties

Believe me or not but there is no person who does not know about Borovets properties. The property is situated in one of the oldest and the most widely known international resort in Bulgaria. Biathlon Borovets track is considered to be one of the best in the world, and the resort was the host for a World Alpine Skiing Cup twice.

Rent and sale of Borovets properties

Those who want to spend a great time here and discover all the slopes should come here as luxurious hotels and amazing apartments are waiting for them. The price for one square meter in Borovets fluctuates from 400 EUR to 1 100 EUR for an apartment in a closed complex. A studio apartment costs approximately 20 000 EUR. And if you want to be the owner of a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, you should take from 25 000 EUR to 100 000 EUR from your pocket. The most interesting thing is that nobody can tell you about the highest price. The rent of a two bedroom flat costs 500 EUR for a week.

Property in Borovets – affordable or exclusive?

It is obvious that the price for the property depends on the infrastructure development and the objects location. The one who decided whether this property is affordable or not is you. That means that 400 EUR for one square meter you can pay for a flat far from the lift. The closer to the lift, the higher the price is. The average price is from 500 EUR to 700 EUR. If you want to have something exclusive, you can pay 1 000 EUR for a square meter in order to live in the most luxurious part of the resort. And that is too expensive even for a skiing Bulgaria. According to the latest research in 8 km from Borovets you can buy a new house (390 square meters) with 6 bedrooms and some land (450 square meters) for 115 000 EUR.

How to choose the best properties in Borovets?

First of all, think of what you want to buy. Do you want to live in a luxurious hotel with the view on the ski slope, or a tiny apartment where you can feel cozy? It would not be possible to live in Borovets permanently. The development of the infrastructure has not reached the highest rank here. There are no schools, kinder gardens or big malls. Borovets is just a resort and those who want to take up sport activities, entertain themselves and at the same time enjoy the silence and natural view. This year’s decrease of property prices shows that only now you need to catch this moment and buy property in Borovets. Property is one of the ways to make your money work. Make investments right now and we will do our best to choose the right place for you. Follow the link, we are always glad to help GOOD
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