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Purchase estate in Bulgaria – find out more about Plovdiv apartments

plovdiv apartmentsA number of reasons to buy Plovdiv apartments

Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv, is a marvellous city adorned with wonderful scenery.  What makes it incredibly beautiful is its hilly terrain and natural greenery. There is great news for those who enjoy living near some water sources – Plovdiv lies just on the bank of Maritsa, which divides the city into two parts. Despite the fact that city was originated many years ago, let it not bother you – there have been erected hundreds of new residential developments recently, so, if you decide on buying Plovdiv apartments or other kinds of property there, you are going to get nothing but a modern apartment or house with everything you need.

Plovdiv apartments suited to every fancy

Since Plovdiv is one of the main economic and cultural centres of Bulgaria, you will most likely find exactly what you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are fond of cosy 1-bedroom apartments, spacious detached houses or lavished multi-storeyed villas – this city has everything to offer. Your proximity to the centre can also vary, because there are lots of options both in the very downtown and on the outskirts of Plovdiv, depending on your own priorities.

What matters while buying apartments Plovdiv

As it’s been already mentioned, the distance to the city centre plays a big role in pricing – the closer you get, the higher price you have to pay. Though, these are not the only things you have to take into consideration. Sometimes, it is way more expensive to purchase an apartment in a natural area, distant from the city itself. Seasons influence the prices for the property as well. In the spring or summer there is a high likelihood they’re going to increase.

Prices for apartments Plovdiv

Averagely, 1 m² will cost 600€-650€ for the apartments located  a bit farther from the central quarters of the city, either in detached houses or in residential complexes. If you prefer separate dwellings, you may have to pay 750€-850€ for 1 m² of it. In the downtown, a 1-bedroom apartment may amount to 70,000€ due to its perfect location and excellent quality. Willing to get more details? Go and check our website at:
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