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Properties in Bulgaria - investment opportunity

Properties in BulgariaFor enjoyable investment consider properties in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, which deserves to be discovered and visited for recreation among the most beautiful coasts. Time to enjoy Bulgaria begins with the summer season to autumn, this is the perfect time of year for mountaineering and attending festivals and celebrations, and people say that September is the best months for tourists to visit the hidden wonders of Bulgaria. Bulgaria offers a lot of activities, from clean wonderful beaches and the most beautiful bays in Europe to a magnificent wildlife. That is why you should be a happy owner of properties in Bulgaria.

High demand on properties in Bulgaria

A huge demand for real estate in Bulgaria is on the rise in recent months as prices in France and Spain. Real estate prices in Bulgaria are still affordable for investors from the Western Europe. Bulgaria's economy is the fastest growing in Eastern Europe. This is clearly evident in Sofia. Sophia has become a target for foreign investors. A number of major financial institutions and embassies are expected to move to the country. This will result in the need of thousands of foreign users for luxury housing, which gives you the chance to enjoy summer vacations and rent it during the winter.

What is the return on investing in property in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has nightlife entertainment in the open air, starting from the most beautiful restaurants and delicious cuisine and the wonderful traditional music that will entertain your ears in every cafe or public place you visit. It is a beautiful country on the cost that has everything you can think of, so you can safely invest or move and live in such a beautiful place, as you got many cities to choose from and they all contain good education and life style for you and your family.

Prices for a property in Bulgaria

Prices always depend on the city and the property you would like to live in. The price of the new one-bedroom apartment in an upscale area costs around $ 97,200, while the price of a two-room apartment in Bansko is $ 150,800. Near Varna you can buy a three-bedroom house with spectacular views on a land area of about 1,000 square meters with a budget of $ 157,800. These buildings are 27 km away from the international airport. If you are willing to purchase accommodation in Bulgaria, check the following link:

TOP Properties
City / Community: Golden Sands resort

Available apartments: 120

from $74 284
to $413 535
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 6

from $39 156
to $61 101
City / Community: Elenite resort

Available apartments: 18

from $53 868
to $60 017
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $56 221
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $69 032
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 24

from $51 734
to $201 325
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