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Sofia was created in 7millennium BC. Now it is rich on historical and architecture treasures. The capital is a fusion point of Eastern and European cultures, full of contrasts and beauty. In recent years Sofia has literally changed, turning from a sleepy town into a stylish and energetic metropolis. Near the old buildings there were large shopping and entertainment centers, fashionable hotels and clubs. The price policy on Sofia properties has not changed much – it is still one of the cheapest European capitals. All this, along with the nearby ski resort and balneological clinics, annually attracts thousands of tourists.

Prices for Sofia properties

In Sofia it is possible to find houses and apartments with various complexions. Special popularity has wealthy villas and big flats. Also in demand are small rooms for working class. Middle-class apartments can be bought for €800 for m2. Real estate here is expensive, average price is €1000 for m2. There are many offers of commercial property and offices. Their cost is near € 900-€1200. Now in the capital is continuing massive construction of new building. Fresh propositions are available every day because city is growing on the eyes.

What is so cool in property in Sofia

Sofia is great railway transport node, has international airport, metro. All large manufactures and business centers of Bulgaria consider there. Most of the city tours start from the walls of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral , the biggest cathedral in and the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans. Behind the cathedral is the Gallery of Foreign Art with an extensive collection of European, African and Oriental art. One of the most interesting sights of the capital is the church of St. George  - the oldest temple in Sofia.. Under the hotel "Rila" found the ruins of a Roman residence with an excellently preserved mosaic. Walking on the Sofia streets you`ll find interesting ancient sights almost on every step.

Properties in Sofia is not pleasure only for VIP-customers

Housing in Sofia is very lucrative. It has almost 7% profit per year for living apartments and 11% for commercial estate. Thanks for big tourists stream it has permanent demand on rental flats. Every year thousands of people move to live here, that`s why it has high prices on properties. Sofia became larger, more dynamic and wider every year. If you want to be part of it`s mad life, find your new flat there:
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