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Bulgarian trend of buying Sozopol properties

Sozopol PropertiesOld city anytime open for tourist - Sozopol. Properties with beautiful view

Antique Greek city in south-east of Bulgaria was built in 610 year BC. It was called Apolonia. Then after numerous transformations and crafts it got modern name. All Sozopol properties are looking like 2 thousand years ago: wood second floor with stoned fundament, stayed in wood colons. It is traditional Greek`s way of building exterior design. That`s why Sozopol streets are so charming. City is based on peninsula and has an island St. Ivan besides. It located 34 km far from Bourgas.

Everyone like Sozopol properties

It is a favorite place for bohemian people. All musician, poets, singers and artist go there to find an inspiration. And it comes, thanks to glory of this place. Spectacular churches, thin cobbled streets, houses with red ceramic roof. Especially beautiful are ruins fortress wall at the seaside. Romantic bay is loved by many new pairs, it is perfect destination for wedding trip. Near island St. Ivan is nature wonder – stone forest. Composition with rocks attracts connoisseurs of beauty from different countries. Close to Sozopol there is river Ropotamo which is called Bulgarian Amazonia. It has real jungles of ivy, grapes and water lilies.

Come and buy property in Sozopol

This city is easily accessible by an international motorway that runs along the coast and connects Bulgaria with Romania and Turkey. The road from Bourgas takes 30-40 minutes by car or by bus. 30 km south of Sozopol is an airfield serving small private aircraft. To get to Sozopol it is possible also by sea - in the city there is a pier of regional significance, which is used both for passenger and freight traffic, and for entertainment and tourist travel.

Price policy on properties in Sozopol

Houses are the cheapest type of apartments - only €450-€500 for squire meter. Flats are more expensive €750-€900 for m2. Commercial properties have value starts from €950 to €1000. Profits on buying apartments are almost 6%, on houses 19%, for offices from 7% to 11%. Less lucrative are villas – their cost are €1000 and it has 1 or 2 % per a year. Sozopol has reputation of oldest spectacular city because it is drowning in the green of the vines and figs, has sandy beaches and romantic harbor, a huge variety of bars and discos. To see offers of housing visit page:
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