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Property in Sunny Beach

Sunny beach propertiesBuy Sunny Beach properties and you will find a huge number of attractions

Due to the fact that the resort Sunny Beach is located on a very large area, Sunny Beach properties are quite harmoniously fit into the landscape of the resort, more suitable for fun youth recreation almost any time of day and night. With such a diversity of terrain, Bulgaria also combines the diversity of architecture of different ages. Planned improvement and development of infrastructure in the resort area made the Bulgarian resorts very attractive both for tourists and for a large number of foreigners who wanted to invest their capital in real estate and acquired it in this country.

Sunny Beach properties in one of the most beautiful cities, with the richest cultural traditions, unique historical monuments

Sunny Beach, due to the favorable location, provides tourists with a wide range of excursions. And of course it offers many kinds of sports and beach recreation. On the beach of Sunny Beach are children's water slides, swimming pools, hire of hydro cycles, water bikes, catamarans, yachts, hang gliding, banjo-jumping, parachute jumping, water skiing, bananas and much more. Sunny Beach we can advise practically any category of holiday-makers - active recreation lovers, youth, and, of course, for family holidays with young children.

Property in Sunny Beach at a reasonable price

Sunny Beach is a modern European resort developing. Sometimes it's too loud, sometimes calm. Life here does not stop for a minute. In the afternoon, in the evening, at night, early in the morning, rest, relax, taste Bulgarian cuisine, dance under loud music, fly up on dangerous attractions, dive with scuba diving or dream on the beach. Meters with two bedrooms and a terrace with a view of the sea, in one of the modern complexes under construction in the Sunny Beach, cost about 100 thousand euros that is 1428 euros for 1 square meter. The cost is 1 sq. m. in such complexes in Croatia today is already 2 thousand euros for 1 square meter.

Prospects for properties in Sunny Beach

Another plus the purchase of Bulgarian real estate is in its ability to bring the owner a stable income. Houses and apartments on the Balkan coast of the Black Sea can be rented for almost the whole year, private housing is highly sought after by the market. Resorts in Bulgaria can bring 7-9% of annual income. The property in Bulgaria enjoys great popularity among our compatriots. Evidence of this is the huge number of transactions of purchase and sale, which Ukrainians conclude on the Bulgarian real estate market. Neighborhood of the countries promoted the development of cooperation between them and today for citizens of Ukraine who want to acquire real estate in Bulgaria; there are a number of benefits in the legalization of the transaction. For more information on our website
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