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Property in Varna

Property in VarnaTime to choose inexpensive property in Varna

A place veiled by the hundreds of legends and historical events. A city with the unique atmosphere where ancient and modern are intervened together. A lovely spot at the bay near the Black Sea. A pride of Bulgaria. This is Varna, the city located on the eastern border of Bulgaria. Varna holds lots of peculiarities up the sleeve and the surrounding seaside resorts add up to its charm. You must be expecting the startling prices for real estate in the place. We must say your expectations are not far from the reality, but still… This article will tell you about the inexpensive property in Varna, the realty you can purchase for quite a nice price.

Location and types of inexpensive property in Varna

Varna is one of the biggest cities in the country. That is why five boroughs comprise the city. Each district has its own location and even some villages are considered as the separate city zones. Mladost, Avren Beloslav, Provadia, Primorski, Aksakovo are some of these zones. In addition to the convenient transport links both with other cities and the nearby resort. What is more, it is possible to find a cheap property in the city. Houses of all types, apartments, studio flats and even villas can be bought even if you have the modest budget. You should expect such properties to be not in the heart of the city, but they will still be in Varna.

Buy properties in Varna inexpensively

The most popular low-budget realty in many cities is, of course, studio flat. The rule works in Varna too. You can buy a bedsit for €21,000 and even lower. The next affordable choice concerns one-bedroom flats. Such a lodging may cost €47,000, €34,000, and less. At last, have a look at houses. Detached house offers for the nice price are numerous. €28,000 is a price for a two-bedroom house. €49,000 for a three-bedroom detached house is the good price. To complete the list of offers, we can name a bungalow with three bedrooms for €38,000 or a villa not far from Varna for €30,500. As you can see, there is the place for a low-cost property even in the big city. This is Varna, in our case. But to make such a purchase successfully, you will have to spend some time and take an effort. Do not let the low price blind you. Check the state, the exact location, and other necessary things with the great care.

Choose Varna Properties with us

The most popular image of Varna is the one of the sunny city surrounded by the sea and beaches. This place tough has another side. It is the busy place, where the business, social, and cultural life is thriving. Varna opens the wide opportunities. At the same time, t is the fantastic seaside spot with lots of entertainments, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. Do you know that you can live here? Browse our site and make your dreams come true on
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